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Why are the normal text commands no longer available?

On May 1, bots can no longer read all message content. This means that the bot no longer knows whether and which command was executed. This provides more privacy, but forces the messenger developers to switch to slash commands at the same time. Read more here.

How do slash commands work?

You only need to type / in the chat window, which show's a list of all available commands. Select Fishstick Bot and you just need to select the command of your choice. Read more here about slash commands.

I can't see a slash command, how can I change that?

No Permissions

Users may not be able to use slash commands in this channel. For this, the users who should be able to use the commands must get the Use Application Commands permissions.

Slash Commands disabled

It may be that when the bot was invited, it was not given all the requested permissions. This blocks them from creating Slash Commands. A server administrator must then re-invite the bot.

The bot doesn't respond, what can I do?

In most cases, this issue is caused by the wrong permission setup. The Bot requires 'View Channel' permissions in the channel you like to use the bot. If you are inexperienced you might grant Administrator permissions.

In rare cases, it might be caused by a bot restart or outage. If you checked the permissions and the bot doesn't answer for more than 10min feel free to contact us on our support server.

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