This page list all command and their functions.
The command list can be accessed with /help.
/account info
View your Epic Games account information.
/account exchange-code
Create an exchange code for your account.
/account page
Create an url to your Epic Games account page.
/account launch
Creates launch arguments to launch your fortnite account on Windows.
/account authorization-code [clientid]
Get authorization code for your account.
/account 2fa
Claim your 2FA rewards.
/account receipts
Get your account receipts.
/account externals
View / unlink external connections to your epic account.
/alerts vbucks
View V-Bucks alerts.
/alerts legendary-survivors
View Legendary Survivor alerts.
/alerts view
View all Mission Alerts.
/blacklist add <user> [reason]
Add a user to blacklist.
/blacklist remove <user>
Remove a user from blacklist.
View your Battle Royale profile overview.
/buy br
Buy from Fortnite Battle Royale Item Shop.
/buy stw
Buy from Fortnite Save the World Item Shop.
Switch your active hero loadout in Fortnite Save the World.
Claim your Save the World daily rewards
/config itemshop <channel>
Setup auto post item shop in your server.
/config vbucks-alerts <channel>
Setup auto post vbucks alerts in your server.
/config legendary-survivor-alerts <channel>
Setup auto post legendary survivor in your server.
Manage your fortnite friends
/gift <friend> [message]
Gift to a Friend from Fortnite Item Shop.
Get information about Fishstick's commands
View / Change your Fortnite Save the World homebase name.
Check bot's info
View your Save the World inventory.
Check bot's invite link
View your Fortnite Locker as an image.
Login to Epic Games or switch between saved accounts.
Logout a saved epic account from bot.
/partner grant <user>
Grant partner status to a user.
/partner revoke <user>
Revoke partner status from a user.
Check bot's connection to discord.
/premium generate <plan>
Generate a premium key.
/premium redeem <key>
Redeem a premium key.
/premium revoke <user>
Revoke premium status from a user.
/premium check <user>
Check premium status of a user.
Upgrade a Save the World research stat.
View / Change your Supported Creator in Item Shop.
Change your profile and account settings.
/shop br
View current Fortnite Battle Royale Item Shop.
Skip your Save the World game mode tutorial.
/stw [player]
View Save the World resources/stats for any player.
/suggest <suggestion>
Suggest any feature for bot.
Upgrade your Save the World skilltree.
/vbucks [bulk]
View your saved account's V-bucks balance.
Check bot's vote link